Montag, 21. November 2011


My times as an active artist were counted as we started our latest project as my position changed and i am mainly working as an outsourcing manager&creature art director now and in the future. But to my own happiness i was able to still manage to get my hands on some creatures as an artist for our latest game.

As the marketing give out pictures and the game will be realeased i will be able to put out more detials and sculpts i done for the game.... i found this picture flying around on the internet so there is no prob to just post it here. After NDA vanished i will put more stuff up here...but that may still take some time.

This little critter is not my work at all, it is the gnom i did for risen1...this modified version was done by my friend dennis day....the gnome basebody and head is still is the same as back in r1 but he done the pirate hat,the backpack/belts and some other little changes. As i put my love into this guy back in Risen1 i am happy to see that he done an great job and make him an even cooler character! The credit for the modified design goes mainly to jann kernke who is our internal concept artist here at piranha bytes, and we work closely together to get all the creature designs to a level we both and the team like.

cya around......."soon"

Dienstag, 1. November 2011

Nothing serious just wasting some time doodle around

just for the crazyness with dynamesh this really started out of the cube :)

Montag, 3. Oktober 2011


well, i had some time and after such long time not touching zbrush i thought lets try out the new version with the so called dynamesh.

if i would still sculpt it would not change my workflow tooo much, i still like to start from a sphere but would use zspheres anyway to make the body and stuff like this.

but anyway, its cool to just be unlimited if you start from the sphere and dont worry about topology anymore at early design stages. here some snakehookfun :)   just a software test as you can see i dont mind the design to much :)

Montag, 12. September 2011

Long time no "see"

Many things happend since i last put something on this tiny private blog and  i just have some time to waste i thought id post something on here instead of facebook :)

Risen2 Cinematic Trailer

The first trailer for our game i actually like myself :) good job from our publisher to make that happen!

This trailer uses mostly ingame assets that were just beefed up a little bit for the trailer, like shading und using the higher polycount versions of our assets.

And here is an real ingame trailer that was used for gamescom europe

As more information will come to public and the NDA will vanish i can actually show some sculpts of some r2 related asstes....but that my take a while.