Freitag, 27. November 2009

Ghoul from the game "Risen"

this is the ghoul from risen sculpt and lowpoly from me textures from my mate Thorsten Kalka and posing by diedrich magnus

Gnom from the game Risen

the initial concept was made by Ralf Marczinczik it was lot of fun to make this little dude and he is one of my personal highlights in risen

some shields sculptet for the game "Risen"

nothing special but fun

some creatures i made for the game Risen

this is the so called "dragonfly" sculptet for the game risen from piranhabytes

this is...well something....

The Thing

well, i could not decide what kind of creature to sculpt :) so i morphed 2 in 1

the freaky

dont ask me what i had in my mind while sculpting him :) but it was fun and relaxing

i was bored, this is my ele of boredom

startet out of zspeheres

just a random doodle in zbrush

this is a test

test me i am a test