Dienstag, 1. Dezember 2009

a mate of mine asked me to demonstrate him what i call concept sculpting, so i did this little video.
when i do concept sculpts ill mainly use a rough clay brush and the move tool.
the important thing is to not get lost in any kind of details. the only purpose to sculpt like this is to get an idea out very quick, and if you like it save it or go into detail, refine it and so on.... or basically make a clean mesh from the rough sculpt and use it as a base for further sculpting.

in the case of this video i wouldn't even mind to save what i created, its just....well nothing fancy or worth to keep but well...this vid was to show how i do quick rough basic sculpts, and not to show any kick ass design.

this vid is timelapsed it took me 10 minutes in reality

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