Dienstag, 19. Juni 2012

outer space.

outer space.....

well, 9 month away from any artistic creation i started to ask myself....can i still do something, or is it all gone.

so recently after watching prometheus, and sawing some alien designs floating around the net i tought...come on lets try a speed sculpt.

well..... i still can sculpt a litte bit, its like riding the bike, ones learned you can get back on the seat very fast.
obvious i didnt make any progress in regards to skill, and lost some of my details anatomie knowledge, but i am happy to see that i can do something like that in about 30 minutes, and what motivates more than a female giger alien with boobs? :)  not a masterpiece,  but the basics are still there.

as a remainder for myself....sculpt here and there in your sparetime...its still fun!

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